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Module scaffolding offers the scaffolder full flexibility thanks to the special connection technology. Plates that are fitted to the verticals every 50cm make it possible to install and expand in all directions. 

Cuplock Systems

Verticals are provided in various sizes with cup joints welded at 500mm intervals. The captive mobile top cups are malleable casting intervals. The captive mobile top cups are malleable casting to withstand rough site handling, and welded bottom cups are pressed from high-quality steel. Integral spigots, 150 mm long, are provided at the top of each vertical for making Vertical Connections. These Spigots are drilled to receive locking pins, where uplift is problem.

H Frame

Tubes Systems

Cuplock Erection Teams

Staircase Systems

Dubai Office

Ras Al Khor —
+971 4 333 7012

Jebel Ali Office

National Industries Park —
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Abu Dhabi
+971 2 553 8330

Ajman Office

Tel: +971 6 539 6655

Cornish Scaffolding

Noida, India —
Tel: +91-8010933900

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Tel: +91-8800813050

Condor SPA - Italy

Tel: +39 0827 39512

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